Colors and Temperament

I’m currently reading Divine Tempest (Studies in Jungian Psychology by Jungian Analysts) by David E. Schoen, a book I picked up at Maple Street Book Shop in New Orleans. The book is an exploration of the hurricane archetype. Schoen touches briefly on the psychological symbolism of colors, namely red and black, the colors of the hurricane warning flag.

Whenever I read a book about Jungian psychology, I always get blown off the current course (pun intended⛵️) by the author’s citations. I blame my mercury placement in easily-distracted Gemini. While reading i’m intrigued by the title of the books in the footnotes, and I find myself on Amazon searching for the cited author and their works. This time it was the symbolism of colors that led me astray.

When I decided that I was moving away from New England in the fall of 2016, I set up at the town-wide yard sale to get rid of my extra clothes. I took a picture of my pop-up tent where I strung up all my extra clothing on hangers. Someone noted that I wore a LOT of blue clothes! That’s something I’ve been very aware of since then– the blue-ness of my wardrobe. This article: COMMUNICATING IN COLOR: THE FOUR COLOR ENERGIES concisely explains the foundations of color theory.

I definitely relate to the Cool Blue energy, which I actually associate more with earth. This is because my understanding of earth is that it is related to consciousness, whereas water is symbolic of emotions/feeling/unconscious (Green Earth energy). Every person’s energy is varied, because everyone’s personality has many factors: their ego/sun, persona/ascendant, unconscious/moon, and thinking mind/mercury. This breakdown is just my personal analysis. I haven’t actually read any books about psychology as it relates to astrology, but rest assured, those books are in the mail! 😉

Hamaker-Zondag, Karen


Irma has arrived in Atlanta, and the winds have picked up here now. We’ve heard three– four now! transformers explode in the last couple of minutes. Obviously our power is out, so there goes our planned X-files marathon.👽